We have a strong engagement in contributing to a sound and sustainable development for our customers, employees, owners, investors and society at large. That’s why all sustainability aspects need to be integrated in our daily business. That is the only way to build long-term financial value. It is the only way to promote a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses.

Our starting point is that we need to create positive impact through our business. UN’s Global Goals – the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will guide our work and steer how we demonstrate impact through our business towards 2030. We will continue to take lead for systemic change and bring innovative solutions that inspire and enable people and businesses to make sustainable choices (e.g. green bonds, financing sustainable real estate and renewable energy and sustainable funds).

A sustainable bank with ambitions
We strive to be ranked as one of world’s most sustainable companies in our industry. Swedbank’s responsibility for sustainable development starts with the way we do business. We are and shall continue to be a profitable, well-capitalized bank with a clear low-risk profile. Swedbank contributes by being part of the financial infrastructure that is key to a well-functioning society. Through careful management of the sustainability related risks and opportunities in our business we will together build a better future through our customers. We integrate ethical, social, environment risk and economic considerations in all business decisions, operations and business development. Sustainability is integrated through four main perspectives:

  • Financial sustainability - promoting a sound and sustainable economy by strengthening the bank’s and our customers’ long-term competitiveness
  • Social sustainability - contributing to society’s development through all our businesses by actively promoting human rights, fair working conditions, diversity and gender equality.
  • Environmental sustainability - contributing to a sustainable use of earth’s finite resources and lower greenhouse gas emissions through all our businesses.
  • Ethical sustainability - applying Swedbank’s Code of Conduct, Values and Culture as a starting point in decision-making and how we behave.

    How we work