Swedbank has made it a priority to facilitate sound and modern development of the charity area in Latvia. With a high sense of responsibility towards society and the company’s values, Swedbank gives significant funds to social programmes of importance to the public.

The charity website was born out of a cooperation between the foundation Ziedot (Donate) and Swedbank, with the purpose of encouraging positive social change. is a website that enables businesses and individuals to give to charitable purposes over the internet, while those in need can apply and get support. Cooperation between Swedbank, the LNT TV channel and the website has resulted in key social solidarity projects in Latvia – the charity campaigns Goodness Day and Angels over Latvia. The objective of these projects is to attract donations for children who, due to a hereditary disease or tragic accidents, are in need of long-term treatment or rehabilitation.


Swedbank considers raising society’s general level of education to be an important task in its operations. Swedbank seeks to strengthen Latvian perception that education is of superior value by fostering young personalities and positive social integration. Cooperation with Latvian tertiary education institutions has evolved into a great tradition – Swedbank supports acquisition of technical resources for studies, high-quality entertainment and sports events, as well as furthering academic and professional growth of students.

Mission Possible is a nation-wide initiative aimed at establishing education as a value in Latvia through helping talented higher education institution graduates to become inspirational teachers and future leaders. The objective of Mission Possible is to raise the status of the teacher profession and to boost students’ motivation to study and become active members in, and builders of, society. In addition to financial contributions to this program, Swedbank has actively contributed with the competence and resources of its staff.

In a bid to facilitate schoolchildren’s practical knowledge of business principles and to strengthen entrepreneurial skills, Swedbank has become strategic partner to the Junior Achievement organization for rolling out the Student Company programme in Latvia.