Sustainable society

Swedbank’s initiative “Good Deed Summer” encourages employees to engage into volunteering activities, for which the bank dedicates a paid day-off and supports with needed tools. Employee volunteer in different areas – children, seniors, animals, environment, local communities, etc. 1627 employees volunteered in 2018, which resulted in more than 13,000 total volunteering hours.

Swedbank was one of the main sponsors and active participant of the annual  national opinion festival “Butent!”, which attracted more than 6,000 active citizens, academics, representatives from private and public sector. „Swedbank“ brought to public attention discussions on gender equality, sustainable business, economy of generosity (donation and volunteering), future skills.

Swedbank also actively raised gender equality topics in the media and in the public. In November Swedbank launched national social campaign ’Green Light’. On a special website (which translates to “green light”) the bank shares its own best practices and advices to other companies on how to ensure gender equality inside the organization. To draw attention to this issue Swedbank installed special traffic lights with women silhouette in the busy street in Vilnius.

Green Light video

Swedbank Lithuania CEO Dovile Grigiene took part in numerous public discussions, TV shows and interviews in the media about gender gap. Swedbank also contributed to annual women leadership conference „Go Forward“ as well as some smaller related events through the year. Swedbank was one of the first and most active ambassadors and public supporters of the Lithuanian Diversity Charter, which was established in 2018.

Swedbank was the main sponsor of the National Song and Dance festival – supported local musicians by establishing a special fund and insured all 36 000 performers of the Festival.

Financial education

In April 2018 Swedbank opened a special educational venue “Financial Laboratory” in its’ headquarters. “Financial Laboratory” is a unique interactive learning space where schoolchildren learn about financial education in a fun and engaging way. This space is equipped with interactive screens where videos and games help learn about different aspect of sustainable personal finance. “Financial Laboratory” hosted educational events for more than 4500 visitors throughout 2018.

In 2018 the bank initiated National Career Week – an event series for schoolchildren in the 3 biggest Lithuanian cities. The events were organized by the professional orientation initiative “I Will Be”. Swedbank provided live broadcast of all these conferences to all schools in Lithuania.


In 2018 bank’s entrepreneurship initiative “Everyone Can Be Great” continued supporting small businesses and motivating society to turn to local merchants. More than 2500 small companies participated in the project from the very start. The bank produced 3 live broadcasted educational webinars with experts from different spheres, 16 small business success stories. Swedbank also organized annual Christmas Fair where small merchants participated free of charge and could present their goods for the public