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Frequently asked questions

How often are new Job opportunities published?

New job opportunities are published regularly on our website.

Who has access to my application?

If you apply for a specific position your application is handled confidentially, this means that only the recruiting manager, recruitment specialist and HR-partner can access your information.

Does Swedbank offer a trainee program?

We do not offer a group wide trainee program at Swedbank, but we offer local and unit specific programs regularly.

What type of education or degree is needed to work at Swedbank?

Within Swedbank we have employees with different educational background. We will always need competent employees within different areas in the bank. And since we do not know which competence that will be needed in the future we often advise students to study programs that they have an interest for. Within Swedbank education, experience and personality is equally important to pursue a future career. We are looking for new employees that share our values – open, simple and caring.

Why should I choose Swedbank as an employer?

At Swedbank you will be given the opportunity to grow. If you share our values and have an ambition to develop you will find a lot of different challenges within the banks. At Swedbank we offer you the opportunity to look after yourself and your family with good and appreciated benefits.

What development opportunities does Swedbank offer its employees?

Within Swedbank, we think it is important that our employees enjoy and have the opportunity to develop. Swedbank is an international organization with many exciting challenges for our employees. In Swedbank we strive to take advantage of each employee's individual ability and encourage those seeking new challenges within the organization. At Swedbank there are therefore no determined rules for how your career can look. It is your interests and your ambition that determines how you develop and progress within the bank.

What will I work with if I join Swedbank?

Swedbank has a dynamic internal labor market that offers opportunities for its employees. You can, among other things, work with project management, marketing, financial advice, risk assessments, system development, business development, corporate social responsibility, world-wide analysis, human resources and communication.

How can I apply for summer internships or part time positions at Swedbank?

We offer both summer jobs and part time jobs that are advertised on a regular basis together with all of our other vacancies. The summer job advertisement will be posted at the beginning of the year and we will only accept electronic applications. Recruitment is ongoing.

Is it possible to write my university thesis in cooperation with Swedbank?

Each semester we announce a number of subjects at both bachelor and master level. As we have a wide range of different job roles within Swedbank, we can usually offer essays in several different areas.

More information can be found on our website or through e-mail 

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