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Code of Conduct

Through our contacts in the surrounding world, we build confidence in the bank and in the financial system. Few things are more influential than the impression we give you in your personal contacts with the bank.

Swedbank has a Code of Conduct consisting of guidelines that our employees must adhere to but they also have to meet expectations as regards personal judgment and responsibility.

Governance and responsibility

Swedbank has a governance model and operational structure designed to ensure that all employees work towards the same goals and support the bank’s purpose: a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses. We do this through three basic values: open, simple and caring.
The governance model sets out clear goals and strategies, policies and guidelines stating how the bank works in different situations. The bank is organised into nine business areas. The heads of the business areas are responsible to the CEO regarding their respective business area’s operations and report continuously to the CEO. The business areas are supported by a number of Group Functions that operate across the business areas to ensure that effective and common standards and routines are maintained within the various areas of responsibility. 

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