Our purpose is to empower the many people and businesses to create a better future. Our advisory services and products are therefore adapted to each customer's needs and personal finances. By integrating responsibility for the environment and social issues in our offerings, we at the same time play a positive part in society's development.


Just like our customers, our employees represent every part of society. Together, we ensure every employee has room to grow and develop under the leadership of engaged managers. This is our way of building long-term relationships.

Society and our communities

As a major bank, our success depends on the strength of the communities where we work. We therefore get involved in growth-related issues such as education, employment, diversity and entrepreneurship. We work together with our suppliers to ensure they live up to our strict sustainability requirements. Through measures to prevent corruption and financial crime, we help to encourage a stable, sound financial market.

Owners and investors

Our owners are largely individual investors. Beyond their direct ownership of Swedbank's shares, they form the basis of the pension funds and large insurance companies that own our shares. As a result, many people are reliant on our success and affected directly or indirectly by our results. Swedbank shall be a safe, profitable, long-term investment. A company that takes responsibility beyond the bottom line.