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E-accounting software by ERPLY Books

All of accounting fully automated and digitalized – that is the latest solution offered to Swedbank corporate customers in the Baltic markets through ERPLY Books.
The solution is suitable for small and medium sized enterprises and companies which provide accounting outsourcing solutions. Companies can try out the solution in the Swedbank internet bank free of charge. To begin working with ERPLY Books, there is no need to install a new system or purchase licenses - all operations can be done immediately in the Swedbank internet bank.

In the dynamic digital era, Swedbank is looking for new opportunities for technology to improve business performance, boost its efficiency, development and economic growth. Our cooperation project with ERPLY expands the bank's ecosystem. This will significantly ease the work of business accountants, making it easier to organize receiving information, submitting payments and reporting in one environment.

ERPLY representative Tavo Hibejigi explains: “This solution is designed to relieve companies from actions that can be automated, and to make reporting more flexible and improve their transparency."

To find out more about the partnership, visit the Erply website.

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