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Get started with our RestFX Market Orders API!

RestFX Market Order is an API which is available to Swedbank customers conducting Foreign Exchange business with the Bank. This means that there are a number of pre-requisites that need to be met before the on-boarding process for the RestFX Market Order service can be finalized and the API  can be accessed:

FX Trade: Swedbank customers also need to be FX Trade customers. 

RestFX Market Order customer agreement: “Villkor för Valutahandel RestFX Market Order” needs to be signed.

Whether you are already a customer of the bank or not we  strongly advice you to reach out to: prior to initiating the on-boarding for help with these preparatory steps! Once these things are in place the on-boarding for the API is easy and we will support you all the way!

Step 1

Register in the Swedbank Developer portal if you have not done it already

Step 2

Create an application for the Market Order and assign the Market Order API to this Application.


You can start with the Sandbox version of the API to get warmed up or go straight to the production version!


Documentation and API specifications are available online in both Swagger and PDF formats.

See Developer Documentation for Swedbank RestFX on Open Banking.


Please note that for the production version of the service a Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) is mandatory and needs to be approved by Swedbank.

Step 3

To finalise the set up for the production API send an e-mail to: with a request to have the Client ID/API Key obtained in step 2 activated for the RestFX Market Order service.

Once the request is processed you are good to go!