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Sustainable employees and health promotion

We work every day to provide our employees with healthy and sustainable working conditions together with an inclusive work climate. Therefore we have a variety of measures and health activities which will contribute to get to sustainable employees. We believe that sustainable employees are the foundation for engagement and a better customer experience.

  • • We continuously work systematically to ensure that the employees’ work environment is safe and sound and will not cause any work-related health problems. Therefore, a good and sustainable work environment is a common goal for the bank and is achieved through, among other things, collaboration between the bank and the employees. 
    • In Swedbank we want a work culture characterized by inclusion and support from colleagues. To achieve this, we provide successful working conditions such as clarity in roles and expectations, possibility to influence own work situation and feedback on performance etc.
    • Swedbank as a workplace should be free from discrimination and provide equal opportunities for all employees based on individual circumstances. It is therefore important that equality, diversity and inclusion are present in all aspects of our operations.
    • We have implemented concept Swedbank at Work which is a Group-wide concept that explains our approach to activity-based working. It describes our ways of working, our physical work environment and the design of our working areas. Through Swedbank at Work, we are creating an open, flexible and inspiring workplace that enables our employees to work in a cross-team way, share knowledge and experience, and develop both individually and within teams.
    • All managers in Swedbank work systematically and preventively to promote work-related health and wellbeing among our employees. 
    • We encourage all employees to lead themselves, find challenges that are inspiring and developing. We expect all employees to contribute to a collaborative and inclusive working climate. All employees are encouraged to proactively strive for a healthy lifestyle, a sustainable work situation and a suitable work-life balance and also to inform about any work-related risks that may arise. 

    • Swedbank aims to have sustainable employees that are engaged and perform at their best.

  • Flexible working hours

    • In Swedbank employees have the possibility to have a flexible start and end time of the working day, if it is suitable for the role and agreed with the manager.
    • Compressed workweeks such as working total amount of hours per week, but different length of the working days, is under implementation (in line with collective agreements).
    • We offer part time work including gradual return to work of employees on parental leave.


    Working from home

    • Swedbank´s premises are the base for our work and are equipped to accommodate the work and tasks being performed. The premises are flexible, ergonomic and digitally equipped. Working from home is considered a voluntary option for all employees who can work from home and are benefit by it.
    • Across the organization Swedbank also provides digitized workplaces and a digital way of working which makes it easier to work from home.
    • Swedbank supports both physical and virtual meetings which make it easier to work from home and not always from Swedbank’s facilities.


    • Swedbank at work offices offers possibility to vary working positions during the day based on the work tasks.

    • Employees are offered ergonomic equipment when promoted or recommended by the occupational health doctor. In other aspects we follow the norm and standards regarding risk assessment measurements and implement corrections if needed.

    • Work environment parameters are regularly measured by external specialists: Examination of ergonomic workplace, illumination, noise, air quality, humidity and temperature.

    • Work environment rounds, annually or more often if needed (quarterly in our health committee’s), to make sure we evaluate the physical work environment for all our offices and employees. The work environment rounds are done together with an external part to ensure that we get an external perspective with the right expertise and knowledge to identify potential risks etc.
    • We have established an ergonomic education for employees and managers to make sure we educate them in an ergonomic way of working and in ergonomic workplaces.


    • The biggest challenges within the modern working life today and in our type of industry are in many aspects related to stress and psychological health. In Swedbank we promote that all employees have good work-life balance.

    • We have local health care agreements with companies providing health care, preventive consultation, rehabilitation and occupational health including measures for non-work-related stress and incapability. 
    • Employee survey conducted regularly to follow up on how employees experience their work situation.
    • External specialists helping and guiding both our employees, and managers, to cope with the situation. Psychosocial support for employees. Crisis support 24/7.

  • • Learning and development tool SABA to offer leaders and employees support materials and trainings related to well-being at work.
    • A support HUB is created to increase awareness of e.g. working from a distance, decision making & prioritisation in uncertainties, motivation & engagement and team boost sessions.
    • External partners education possibilities to all employees if needed.

  • Parental leave

    • We value our employees in all stages of the life cycle and therefore make sure to have benefits for those who will be on parental leave.
    • Due to different regulations on Swedbank's home markets, the terms and conditions of the parental leave differ.


    Childcare facilities and contribution

    • Employees can bring their children to work.

    • In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania there are special places at the headquarters for the children to spend their time in.

    • Swedbank in Estonia provides childcare with a reduced fee compared to the private day care.

  • Sweden

    • Swedbank offers all employees SEK 2 500/annually to spend on physical exercise or training courses of own choice.
    • Gyms are available at the headquarters with free access to gym training, regular aerobics and spinning classes.
    • We also offer employees one hour exercise per week during working time.

    • External gyms – reduced price where negotiations have been made.

    • There is also an opportunity to practice various activities in sports and culture in the spare time via Swedbank, such as golf, badminton and choir and culture events.



    • Gyms available at the two main buildings and a sports club, which for a low membership fee provides regular sporting activities.



    • The headquarter holds a fitness club with trainers, available both during and outside working hours.

    • 20 different types of sports are supported by the bank.



    • Employees have health insurance with a choice to compensate part of the expenses of fitness programs.

  • • Occupational health care/health check-ups are available to all Swedbank’s employees.
    • Employees in Sweden are offered to book massage, personal trainer sessions, or have a naprapathy appointment to a reduced price.
    • Ecological fruit and certified coffee are offered in our offices.